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Paparazzi makes fashion forward accessories affordable! All of our J...

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Paparazzi Starter ​Kits!

start your own paparazzi business! Join Paparazzi!

Getting started as a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant is easy!

#1- Pick Your Starter Kit:

Paparazzi Acc...

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Why Paparazzi?

Paparazzi Est.

Paparazzi $5 Accessories
*Shimmer & Sparkle*​

Paparazzi is an EASY  way to Work From Home! Make...

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I joined Paparazzi Accessories in December 2011...

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Free Paparazzi Necklace! Customer Appreciation Month!

Get a Free Paparazzi Necklace with every purchase of $35 or more during the month of November! It’s our way of saying thanks! 🙂

Global Glamour, first debuted earlier this fall as the latest addition to our crowd-pleasing Blockbuster Collection, and now you can have exclusive access to the bestselling necklace, in a sleek silver finish for FREE! This stunning statement piece features dramatically over-sized white rhinestones nestled inside radiant silv...

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New Accessories! Shop Five Dollar Jewelry!

New Accessories! Shop Five Dollar Jewelry!

We have added a bunch of New Summer Accessories to our online shop!!

Everything is $5 each!

Visit us at FiveDollarJewelryShop


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Do you LOVE affordable accessories???

Do you LOVE affordable accessories??? You have come to the right place!! Paparazzi Accessories is an amazing company that sells $5 Jewelry and Hair Accessories!

Did you know that Paparazzi releases New Jewelry EVERYDAY?! Yes, Paparazzi provides us with new releases daily (Monday-Friday)!! Can you believe it? It is so much fun to see all of the super cute accessories every night!

Our accessories are very fashion forward and on trend with the fashion world! Our S...

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Paparazzi Spring Collection Trend- Individualist

“The second 2018 Spring Collection trend I want to talk about is Individualist. The pieces that fall into this category are ultra-modern! Far from classic, they will feature intense combinations and thought provoking designs.

When you look at clothing, you’ll see fabrics that shimmer, sequins, ruffles, overcoats, and chaotic collisions of patterns and prints.” –Misty Kirby, Paparazzi Founder

Does this sound like your style?

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Did you hear the news?

Did you hear the news?? Paparazzi just released double-sided post earrings!!! These unique post earrings, wrap around your ear to create a trendy look! Big Reputation – Gold Earrings are available now! Get them HERE! There are a variety of designs that will be released this season that will feature diamonds, pearls, rhinestones, and more! There’s bound to be a style you love! <3

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Paparazzi Spring Collection Trend 2018- Quest

“Out of the six 2018 Spring Collection trends, I want to first talk about QUEST. This trend will undoubtedly speak to the hearts of our Sunset Sightings fans! These pieces will feature inspiration from cultures around the world to create an electic mix of carefree, vibrant, and adventurous designs. Watch for tribal prints, embroidered designs, tassels, frayed edges, and lots of perfectly uneven hemlines.” –Misty Kirby, Paparazzi Founder

This is for you funky gir...

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February Accessory of the Month!

I am IN LOVE with these purple Paparazzi Earrings!!! The silver swirl detail is gorgeous! 🙂

Get yours here for only $5!

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If you could have your dream job what would it be?

If you could have your DREAM JOB what would it be?

I have always loved helping people. My whole life I have wanted to help others. Now I can. 🙂

Being a Paparazzi Consultant has allowed me to use my passion for helping others! <3

On our Paparazzi vacations we have been able to donate supplies and help paint a playground for an orphanage.


With Paparazzi I have been able to get to know a lot of ladies and have made so many new friends!

I love seeing my friend...

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Paparazzi’s Empower Me Pink Training 2018!

Paparazzi’s Empower Me Pink Training!

We’re painting the nation PINK – and you’re invited!

The Empower Me Pink tour is back for its sixth year, and it’s bigger and better than ever! Larger venues, all-new training sessions, and some fabulous new surprises you’ll have to see to believe are just some of the new additions to this fan-favorite Paparazzi event...

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Get a Free Paparazzi Necklace!

It’s that time of year again!! We are so excited for our Customer Appreciation Month!

Behind the explosive growth we’ve seen throughout 2017, there are tens of thousands of Consultants, their supportive family members, and countless loyal customers whose $5 habits are fueling the Paparazzi mission to bring strength, independence, and empowerment to individuals and their families. This month, we get to raise our glasses to those $5 fashion fanatics by offering...

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