Paparazzi Accessories NEW Starter ​Kits!

New Paparazzi Starter Kits with image and heart and website

Paparazzi Accessories just released Brand New Starter Kits!! $99, $299 and $499 kits...

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Why Paparazzi?

Paparazzi Est.

Paparazzi $5 Accessories
*Shimmer & Sparkle*​

Paparazzi is an EASY way to earn GREAT stay at hom...

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My Story

my 3 year paparazzi anniversary!

I joined Paparazzi Accessories a couple of weeks before Christmas in 2011...

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How I got paid to get my hair done!


It was FINALLY time get my hair done! Well… it was way past time! So, how did I get paid to get my hair done you ask? I brought my BASKET PARTY with me to show the ladies all of the NEW goodies! We just came out with tons of new Fall Jewelry!! The ladies went crazy over my $5 Accessories!!! One lady bought $70 worth! Wahoo! Well just from bringing my basket of Paparazzi Jewelry to the salon I made enough money to pay for my hair! Well that was easy! :) I LOVE MY ...

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Paparazzi Accessories 3 years?! Say what?

my 3 year paparazzi anniversary!

Today is a very special day! Today is my 3 YEAR Paparazzi Anniversary!! We’ve had so much fun these last 3 years! We have become friends with some of the most amazing people including the founders, because of my Paparazzi business! We have experienced things and been places I never could have imagined! I have learned so many things about my business and my life. These pictures are a small reflection of some of the incredible things we have done and memories w...

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Paparazzi Jewelry Fall Fashion!

Here are a few of my favorite things (items from convention)! ;)

Shop our affordable online Paparazzi collection of $5 Jewelry and Accessories now at

Everything is $5 each! Plus it’s all lead and nickel free! So people that are allergic to metal can usually wear our accessories without any problems!!

10352840_920919634590443_2617647420378199383_n    10534065_1449293475335842_1867814571459502148_n  1620700_920931377922602_8897453926684954539_n    1555403_1449293332002523_5556304436881371883_n

10471270_1449293362002520_2988508791290178702_n    934793_1449293275335862_4494301588508609678_n

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Paparazzi’s Cyber Monday Special Extended through TODAY!!

cyber monday extended

Paparazzi Accessories Cyber Monday Special has been EXTENDED through midnight tonight, December 2nd, because of the overwhelming positive response of Paparazzi’s 1st ever Cyber Monday! Shop Online Now at All items are only $5 + tax! Spend $35 or more and get a FREE gorgeous NECKLACE Plus Free Shipping! You will also get entered to WIN all of the Hostess Rewards from my Cyber Monday Shopping website!!

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Paparazzi Accessories Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday Party Special

Paparazzi Jewelry CyBeR Monday SPECIAL! If you have never tried Paparazzi $5 Accessories before, NOW is the time! Get a FREE Exclusive NECKLACE and Free Shipping with your order of 7 items or more ($35+) while supplies last!! Also for every $5 you spend get an entry into our MYSTERY HOSTESS REWARDS Drawing!!! Shop Paparazzi Online Now! EVERYTHING is lead and nickel free! Paparazzi makes perfect Christmas gifts!! Men don’t forget to shop for your wife and mom! 

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What are you thankful for?


There are so many things to be thankful for family, friends and more! I am so thankful that I am able to stay at home with my kids and work from home especially now while I have sick kids at home. I don’t have to worry about calling in to work tomorrow and figuring out how much time I have off for “sick days”. I don’t have to stress about finding coverage for my shift. I am grateful that I don’t have to wake my kids up super early and take my kids to daycare...

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November Accessory~ Natural Instincts

We love our Paparazzi November Accessory pick Natural Instincts. This background is the perfect natural element for this beautiful rock necklace. Only $5! Get yours today!

Paparazzi Accessories Natural Instincts

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November Paparazzi Fashion Fix

Get your Paparazzi November Fashion Fix sets now! $20 for the set of 4 accessories or $5 each! Shop Online Now! These matching Fashion Fix sets make perfect Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers and birthday presents! Get these gorgeous items while you can because they are flying off the shelves! Which set is your favorite?

Paparazzi Accessories November Fashion Fix 5

Paparazzi Accessories November Fashion Fix  Paparazzi Accessories November Fashion Fix 2   Paparazzi Accessories November Fashion Fix 3       Paparazzi Accessories November Fashion Fix 4  

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BIG Announcement! Paparazzi Accessories Convention 2015 IGNITE!!!


Paparazzi Accessories just released a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Sparks are going to fly on August 5th-7th of 2015 at the Paparazzi Convention IGNITE in Louisville, Kentucky! Yes, you heard me right! Paparazzi is adding a NEW location to convention and this time it will be on the East Coast! Paparazzi has had convention in Vegas every year so far! So this will be an exciting new change of atmosphere. Paparazzi’s 4th annual convention will FUEL your fire, SPARK your cu...

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New Announcement! Paparazzi’s Empower Me Pink Tour stops for 2015


Wanna know where Paparazzi’s Empower Me Pink Tour is going to be in 2015?? Your in luck! Paparazzi has just announced where the “mini conventions” will be held! The final 4 tour stops for 2015 are….. Tampa, FL with the highest online party sales! Knoxville, TN with the most new consultant enrollments! Raleigh, NC and Buffalo, NY with the highest overall sales! Here is the full list of tour stops for Paparazzi 2015….

Houston, TX

Salt Lake City, UT

St. Louis, MO

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