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Spider and Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Spider deviled eggs

We just had our Paparazzi Jewelry Witches Brew Party and I made these spider and pumpkin deviled eggs! (I also made the spider web bean dip.. see post below). These were super easy. Here are the ingredients:

2 dozen eggs

miracle whip or mayo

large olives


yellow and red food coloring

something green for the stem (celery, chives, etc.)

I boiled 2 dozen eggs and then I cracked and peeled them. Once you get all of the shell off, cut them in half. Put the halves on a plate and take out the yolk. Put the yolk in a mixing bowl. You will want to mix the yolk with miracle whip. I don’t really measure how much I put in you just want to make sure it isn’t dry. If you are going to do the pumpkin deviled eggs, now would be the time you mix the yellow and red food coloring to make orange for the pumpkin. If you are doing the spiders you don’t need to change the color but you can if you would like. Next you will want to add some paprika. Now put the yolk mixture into the egg half. For the pumpkins add the green “stem” and you are done. With the spider you will want to cut the olive in half and then place it in the middle of the egg opening. Cut the olives in little slivers to make the spider legs and you are done! Everyone will love it at your Halloween Party!

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