Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories

Paparazzi Accessories is a new Direct Sales/Party Plan Jewelry Company!

You might think Paparazzi is all about accessories but it’s really about change. Paparazzi changes the way you feel. Paparazzi is all about being affordable and fashionable at the same time! Everyone should be able to feel good about themselves without having to break the bank!

What is the most important thing to know about Paparazzi?

It’s Fabulous Fashion for only $5.00!

Our products are also: Lead and Nickel Free and Always Changing! Buy it when you see it!

The Paparazzi Founders are: Misty and Trent Kirby, & Chani and Ryan Reeve. They individually design the materials for Paparazzi products providing fashion-forward results at a low cost. There are new items released almost daily!


The Paparazzi Accessories Founders

The Founders of Paparazzi are like family! They are SO amazing and down to earth! I am truly blessed to work for a company that cares so much about their consultants!! <3


My Husband and I with the Paparazzi Founders in the Dominican Republic!


Paparazzi Accessories Founders

Hanging out with Trent Kirby (Paparazzi Founder) at the 80’s Theme Party!

Empower me pink 2014 with Des and Chani Reeve

Hanging out with Chani Reeve (Paparazzi Founder) at the Empower Me Pink Training!

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