What’s the most important thing to know about Paparazzi Accessories?

​​It’s fabulous fashion for just $5!

​Paparazzi Jewelry and Hair Accessories: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Hippie Headbands, Bracelets, Hair Clips, Flower Headbands, Lanyard and Urban/Leather Jewelry for only $5.00 each! We also have Little Girl Accessories: Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and Stretchy Headbands for less!


Paparazzi products are also:

​•Lead-free and nickel-free
•One-of-a-kind featuring original design
•Always changing—buy it when you see it!
•Available only through Consultants
•Purchase on the spot! There is no catalog or buy-and-wait hassle at parties

You can also purchase online….

$5 each plus tax! Shop Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories Online. Our inventory changes frequently. Some of these items may no longer be available. Check back frequently for New Inventory!

Necklaces $5 each


SCARFed for Attention170_p8041-backoffice - Copy

Fan of the tribe - Copy (3)Charmed I am Sure- Red

Going Platinum Mirage of Mystery

Bracelets $5 each

Anchors Away- White  Modernly Marilyn  .facebook_-800807359Prima Donna311_br-citruskit1june-box05 .facebook_945279635


Earrings $5 each

Prim and patterned   .facebook_555349272  237_ea-whitekit1april-box05New York State of Mind  1219_ea-silverkit1afeb-box04  Acutely Aztec

Rings $5 each

Vintage VisionA-Mazed-Black

.facebook_-1562758900  1238939_737014956321074_5151516568682075433_n

10570467_767267043295865_7594776429345827953_n  Strength in Numbers


Hippie Headbands $5 each

Wrapped Around You-BROWN - Copy  Flower Child - CopyFREE- 2188_1mainimage(black42-77) 1423_hb-hippiehbkit2-box01

1375_hb-heppiekit1april-box04Sands of Sahara  Natively Knotted  After Dark - Copy


Lanyards $5 each

Head of the Class  Professionally Polished On the Night Shift - Copy

Alternate Ending 1431_neck-landyardkit1march-box05 1376_neck-lanyardkit1june-box01

Headbands $5 each

272_hb-purplekit2bsept-box03 Runway Bound- Blue


Dusted and Delicate1236_hb-greenkit2sept-box02

Flower Clips $5 each

256_hc-redkit1feb-box04243_hc-blackkit1febmarch-box0001 - Copy1165_hc-tankit1oknp-box02

1108_hc-purplekit1april-box03 Tag, You Are It  Double silver trouble


Starlet Shimmer~ Little Girl Accessories

HOT PINK- 1286_ssearring3-box01  296_ssring-backoffice Fairy Rings   1265_ss-earring2a


851_starlets1t-backoffice  520_ssbracelet1-backoofice2


Shop Paparazzi Jewelry Online

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