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Paparazzi Accessories Dominican Republic Trip 2015!

dr collage

We had SO much fun on the Paparazzi Accessories Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Trip!!!! There were only 79 people from the whole company that went! We went swimming with the dolphins, went on a jeep tour and learned about the culture. We also went horse back riding and zip lining! This Paparazzi Vacation was unforgettable!!! Me and my husband were able to sit with the Paparazzi Founders, Trent and Misty Kirby and eat dinner with them! So awesome!! We also got to hangout with Ryan Reeve the other founder! I can honestly say I know they care about each one of us and they are amazing people that I call my friends! We got to hang out with some awesome people and made some new friends from all over the United States!

13775_10206389013151976_1553728113291971050_n  Someone made a giant Sand Crab! 🙂

We had AMAZING views from our room! The beach there is a turquoise blue color! The sand was so soft! It was the softest sand I have ever had my toes in! 😉 When we got there Paparazzi had a welcome reception for us! They gave us Paparazzi Vacation bags full of goodies! Including: a gorgeous hand painted picture, sunscreen, aloe vera, homemade vanilla and a Paparazzi Passport Case! They are so thoughtful!

10155262_10204885637355530_5679308657293552393_n Paparazzi also gave us some cute picture frames with our Vacation info on them!

We had a couple business meetings with some AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!!

They told us about the New Fashion Fix for March! The March Fashion Fix will have DOUBLE Hostess Rewards!!! That means 8 FREE pieces ($40 worth!) Also from now on get 4 Hostess rewards in the FF instead of 2! By getting the FF you will be the first to see the New Spring Line! We got to preview a few of the pieces as well! They changed the release date for the FF to the 5th of each month.

New Paparazzi Fashion Fix

They announced the Leadership Summit Trip for 2015. The Summit will be in Sand Hollow, UT! It looks like so much fun!!

They also announced how to get points to Shop with Misty and Chani at Convention, IGNITE!



We played Paparazzi Bingo during the trip too and I won some CONVENTION CASH!!! Wahoo!!!



We even got to watch The “Michael Jackson” Show at the Majestic!



My husband and I at the Bird and Sea Lion Show!!



My husband and I with the Paparazzi Founders: Ryan Reeve, Misty Kirby and Trent Kirby!


We had a super fun going away reception which included Lobster!


I had a wonderful office for the week!!! 😉


Join me next year!!!!

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