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My Paparazzi WHY and how Paparazzi can change YOUR life!

All dreams come true..

“All of your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney.  I now live by this statement!

As I sit here writing this at my 9-5 job that I have been at for 7 years, I start to get a little teary eyed. I just put in my 3 week notice with the company that has consumed a lot of my life. I feel that I am free! I am FINALLY able to be home with my kids and not have to work for someone else! I don’t have to miss any more of my kid’s sports, school activities, or performances. I have missed so much already! I am now in control of my precious time. I am jumping in head first and doing Paparazzi full time! I know that Paparazzi is what I am supposed to do in life! It is my passion! I love everything about it! 🙂


Some of the reasons I love Paparazzi are:

It makes women feel beautiful for only $5! (Yes, EVERYTHING is only $5!!)

I meet new people and have made so many new friends!

I have got to know the founders of Paparazzi on a personal level (and I am not the top in the company) and they are amazing, caring and down to earth people!

I love that every year Paparazzi goes on a Vacation with its consultants (Every consultant can earn 2 FREE TRIPS or even pay a small price and go). This next trip will be announced this Monday, June 30th! (Did I mention this is a tax write off?!?! :))

I can work my business how I want, when I want and where I want. It’s MY business!

I get to have fun and “play” with jewelry at my “job” !

I have a wonderful group of ladies on my team and I love helping them reach their goals!

I LOVE CONVENTION! I have been to both of the conventions that Paparazzi has had. I am going to the 3rd, this August in Las Vegas, NV. (Vegas, baby!) Convention will truly change your life & your business!


Did I miss anything? Oh yeah…. I get the opportunity to be home with my kids and husband and NOT work my life away!!!! I can finally give my time to them and not my job! (To me this is the most important!)

My list of reasons why I love Paparazzi could go on and on… but I would love to see what Paparazzi can do for you and your family! Live Your Dream!

Kenzie Ault

Paparazzi Consultant #3119

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