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How to get your husband involved in your Direct Sales Business!


Have you been wondering how to get your husband (or significant other) involved or on board in your Direct Sales Business? Here is what I recommend… Let him see your parties or events in action! Once he sees how easy it is for you to make money and that all of the ladies love your product, it gets his wheels turning and he realizes that you can go far in this business.

Get him involved in the action. Does he love to build things? Tell him that you would love it if he would help you make your display boards. Does he like to deal with money? If so, let him help you with the business finances, inventory or have him count the money after your show. Ask him to look at your drawing slips to how many people wanted to book parties or learn more about your company. Once he is starting to get on board, see if he will sport some of your company’s gear. He could wear a shirt or hat that has your company’s logo.

My husband wore a Paparazzi Accessories (Bling Security) shirt the other day while we were out to lunch and our server asked if we sold Paparazzi! Of course we said that we did and she asked for a card so that she could come and shop! Free advertising and word of mouth is always the best way to get your name out there! There seems to be a lot of husband and wife teams in Paparazzi Accessories! I think it is because the men can see how much women love our accessories and how affordable they are to everyone! Our husbands can see how easy it is to make money because the jewelry sells itself!

Once your husband starts to help you with your company, sit down together and set goals. Set Business, Family and Personal goals together. Where do you want to go with your business? What rank do you want to achieve? What do you want for your family? What things do you want out of life? Don’t forget to write goals about where you would love to travel or about your health and fitness. Once you have your goals written out and you know where you are wanting to go with them… Make a vision board together! After you are done with your vision board, hang it up somewhere that you can both see it everyday.

These are just some things you can do to get your spouse on board with your business. Now you don’t want to always talk about your company or your husband will think that you love it more than him! 😉 If you have some other ideas to help your spouse get involved with your Direct Sales Business, please comment below!

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