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Paparazzi’s Best Sellers

{ Style Snapshot } Our Blockbusters are our biggest sellers and most popular crowd pleasers. Check out the Blockbusters section of our website, where you’ll find statement necklaces in a variety of styles, all at that fabulously famous $5 price.

Featured Accessories:
1) In Good Glazes – Peach
2) Glaze Of Glory – Peach

Order your set at

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What is the Paparazzi Fashion Fix?

Paparazzi Fashion Fix

Fix your fashion dilemma with Paparazzi’s Fashion Fix! Mixing and matching accessories to find the perfect combination can be intimidating. Which textures work together? What colors compliment each other? The Paparazzi Fashion Fix has made it easy! Now you can take the guesswork out of accessorizing! Be a Trendsetter with these gorgeous accessories every month! If you are a customer you can order HERE.

FF Brass

The Fashion Fix at a glance for Paparazzi Consultants:

  • P...
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How many Paparazzi Jewelry Consultants are there?

How many Paparazzi Jewelry Consultants are there

Have you been thinking about joining a Direct Sales Company but not sure which one to choose? You are in the RIGHT PLACE! Paparazzi Accessories is an amazing jewelry company that sells $5 Jewelry! Yes, EVERYTHING is only $5 and it is GORGEOUS!!!!! <3

Five Dollar Jewelry  Paparazzi Accessories Love Necklace

You have come across a HUGE OPPORTUNITY! Our company is only 5 years old! Paparazzi has less than 50,000 consultants and less than half are currently active! Now is the time to get your business started!

Family Pic


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Sneak Peek at ONE of Paparazzi’s November Fashion Fix!

Paparazzi's November Fashion Fix

Paparazzi’s November Fashion Fix

Enrollment in Paparazzi Accessories November Fashion Fix is now open! Here’s a sneak peek at ONE of the 5 gorgeous matching Trend Blends that will be shipping next week to those who are subscribed. To receive November’s Fashion Fix, you must be a consultant and enrolled in the monthly subscription by 11:59 PM ET on October 19th! If you are not a consultant, you can purchase these sets on November 1st at www.paparazziaccessories...

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October’s Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix!

Oct- Simply Santa Fe   Oct- Magnificent Musings

Oct- Fiercely 5th Avenue   Oct- Sunset Sightings

Glimpses of Malibu     10434308_775521845803718_6584503340957844097_n

I Love Paparazzi Accessories New Fashion Trend Line the Fashion Fix! This is the Fashion Fix for October 2014. Everything is $5 each so the set of 4 is only $20 plus tax! Pre-order yours today! Email me at

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Paparazzi Jewelry September Fashion Fix!


Paparazzi has just introduced the Brand New Fashion Fix!! Starting September 1st you can order sets of jewelry from Paparazzi Accessories! This is the 1st time ever that they have done sets of 4 accessories that match! SO EXCITING!! Shop Paparazzi Jewelry and Hair Accessories Online Now at Message me with any questions you have

Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix

10547462_778142342208335_6778814416265070287_n 7076_778142375541665_6392980568713251915_n 10460789_778142345541668_2604663758135140439_n 1911785_778142348875001_1440595943079182131_n

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Nautical and Brass Accessories

Paparazzi style snapshot 58


A neutral white shirt can bring to life subtle nautical elements and dress up playful brass details. The cream rope and sleek twisted links in this nautical necklace pull together the shimmering bangles , braided rope in the bracelet, and brass accents in the elegant earrings and lustrous ring.

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Go Back to School in Style with Paparazzi Lanyards

Paparazzi Lanyards for Teachers

There are countless individuals who will be looking to dress up their back to school style this season. Students and teachers, coaches and administration will Love these New Paparazzi Lanyards! With a broad variety of lanyards available at only $5 a piece, why not pick out a different one for each day of the week? Paparazzi Lanyards make perfect Back to School Teachers Gifts without breaking the bank...

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Love this Aztec Tribal Outfit and Accessories!

Amazing Paparazzi Accessories Outfit

Highlight the bold tribal patterns found in these uber trendy Aztec-printed Harem pants with a gold cuff with geometric lines and pyramid-shaped studs along a white leather band. The subtle tone of the casual t-shirt sets the perfect backdrop for classic gold chains. Here we’ve used two of the same necklace to add some bulk and balance the ensemble. Fearless!

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Light up the Night with Paparazzi Accessories

Paparazzi Accessories Patriotic Style


Who says that patriotic apparel can only be worn on Independence Day? Pair bold red accessories with shimmering silver accents and light up any night like it is the 4th of July!! Undeniable confidence with just enough elegance is the perfect combination.


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