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Do you LOVE affordable accessories???

Do you LOVE affordable accessories??? You have come to the right place!! Paparazzi Accessories is an amazing company that sells $5 Jewelry and Hair Accessories!

Did you know that Paparazzi releases New Jewelry EVERYDAY?! Yes, Paparazzi provides us with new releases daily (Monday-Friday)!! Can you believe it? It is so much fun to see all of the super cute accessories every night!

Our accessories are very fashion forward and on trend with the fashion world! Our S...

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Paparazzi Spring Collection Trend- Individualist

“The second 2018 Spring Collection trend I want to talk about is Individualist. The pieces that fall into this category are ultra-modern! Far from classic, they will feature intense combinations and thought provoking designs.

When you look at clothing, you’ll see fabrics that shimmer, sequins, ruffles, overcoats, and chaotic collisions of patterns and prints.” –Misty Kirby, Paparazzi Founder

Does this sound like your style?

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Did you hear the news?

Did you hear the news?? Paparazzi just released double-sided post earrings!!! These unique post earrings, wrap around your ear to create a trendy look! Big Reputation – Gold Earrings are available now! Get them HERE! There are a variety of designs that will be released this season that will feature diamonds, pearls, rhinestones, and more! There’s bound to be a style you love! <3

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Paparazzi Spring Collection Trend 2018- Quest

“Out of the six 2018 Spring Collection trends, I want to first talk about QUEST. This trend will undoubtedly speak to the hearts of our Sunset Sightings fans! These pieces will feature inspiration from cultures around the world to create an electic mix of carefree, vibrant, and adventurous designs. Watch for tribal prints, embroidered designs, tassels, frayed edges, and lots of perfectly uneven hemlines.” –Misty Kirby, Paparazzi Founder

This is for you funky gir...

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