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July Accessory of the month!

The Socialite

Paparazzi Pearl Earrings

A classic white “pearl” dots a silver frame, creating a radiant and romantic display and a timeless style. These earrings are only $5! Buy yours HERE before they are sold out!


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Motivation Monday!

Paparazzi Motivation

Deep down inside, you know the truth. The truth is that YOU can do this! The truth is if you gave 100%, you’d get 100%. The truth is, it’s all up to you. Do you believe in yourself? I believe in you! Now is your chance to live the life you have always dream about!! CLICK HERE!


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The EASIEST way to make extra money online!

The easiest way to make money online

I can tell you the EASIEST way that I have found to MAKE EXTRA MONEY ONLINE from the comfort of your couch in your pj’s! 🙂 I know you’ve heard of Facebook and you have probably heard about Facebook Parties…

Would you believe me if I told you that I have been able to make a living from home selling $5 Jewelry On Facebook?!! It’s true! I sell cute $5 Jewelry and accessories on Facebook for a living!!!!

Do you want to learn how to Party on Facebook for a livin...

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25 FUN Things To Do This Summer! (for all ages)


The kids are out of school running around the house. There are piles and piles of laundry that need to be done. You have already chauffeured your kids around town 3 times today and it’s barely noon. If your kids are like mine they don’t want to get off the Xbox or stop playing with their Kendamas...

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