Monthly Archives: March 2014

What jewelry to wear to elongate your body

style snapshot 42


The cluster necklace design is very popular because of their ability to elongate and flatter any body type. Long straight lines in your earrings will also help you appear taller and thinner. Here we have mustard yellow and gunmetal clusters and pulled in Bohemian-inspired accents.

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Spring Fashion 2014= Geometric Shapes

style snapshot 47


Geometric shapes are everywhere this season! Look for these bold shapes and sharp lines throughout our fabulous Spring and Summer designs.

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Accessory of the month- March



Our must have March Accessory of the month! We absolutely LOVE the new gold accessories with a hint of color.

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New Paparazzi Pantone color Sand

style snapshot 50


One of the beautiful new Pantone colors of the Spring/Summer 2014 season is Sand. It’s soft, golden tone is warm and inviting just like the sand on the beaches of paradise!

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Start your own Paparazzi Business with your tax refund!

tax return

Did you get extra money from your tax return? Have you thought about owning your own business? Do you want to be your own boss? Now is the perfect time to join this amazing Paparazzi journey! Would you like to work from home? Be a work from home mom? With Paparazzi Accessories you can work when and where you want.  Set your own schedule. You can sell Paparazzi Jewelry online, home parties, basket parties, Facebook parties, events, fairs, vendor expos and more...

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Rustic Brass Accessories

style snapshot 57


Feeling bold? Think layers. Brass has a rustic finish and cool undertones giving it an earthy, edgy look. Can you believe this entire ensemble only costs $40? What is not to love?

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