Monthly Archives: November 2013

Paparazzi Accessories New Hippie Headwrap!

hippie headband wrap

So many styles so little time! One Paparazzi Hippie Headwrap, Endless Wearability! Do an easy updo in five minutes or less with our headbands. There are so many cute hairstyles you can do with hippie headbands. You can even use your headband as an accent to your outfit! Pair it with some big dangle earrings or a necklace for some extra flair. We get new hippie headbands frequently so check back often.

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Gold, Mustard and Purple- Paparazzi Style Snapshot!

style snapshot 31

Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories- Style Snapshot! Gold Accessories are making a come back! The new trend is mixing color with  the gold. Gold looks good with mustard yellow and purple. Layer your gold bangle with the yellow and mustard stretchy bracelet. Don’t forget accessorize with this awesome yellow rose ring!

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Paparazzi Accessories NEW Starter Kits!

new starter kits! party in a box

Paparazzi Accessories New Starter Kits are amazing! It’s like a PARTY IN A BOX!

The new kit reflects updated trends, beautiful new packaging and tons of exclusive jewelry only available to NEW CONSULTANTS! Because our jewelry and accessories are so cute and affordable ($5 each!) they literally sell themselves!

Paparazzi Accessories is not even 3 years old so you can be the FIRST to introduce Paparazzi to your area! With Paparazzi you have UNLIMITED income potent...

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New Paparazzi Accessories for the Holidays!

Happy holidays paparazzi box

New Paparazzi Accessories for the Holidays!!! Check out this new Paparazzi box that Consultants get their holiday shipments in. It is so cute! If you can’t tell it is pink! Paparazzi Accessories colors are hot pink and black! This is just one more reason I love Paparazzi. The founders at Paparazzi care about their consultants and love to surprise us with new things!! <3

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Paparazzi Accessories Dazzling Dozen are running for a cause!

dazzling dozen

Paparazzi Accessories Dazzling Dozen are running to raise $5,000 for the DOVE Center. The DOVE Center is located in St. George, UT and brings hope to victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. The DOVE Center provides a safe, caring and confidential shelter. Each year, DOVE Center gives 1000 children, adults and families the resources they need to recover...

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Paparazzi Accessories- Consultants wanted in every state!

Paparazzi Accessories is a NEW jewelry

and hair accessory Party Plan Company!

Consultants wanted in every state!

Be one of the first to introduce Paparazzi in your area! Our jewelry is unique and affordable at only $5 a piece!!! We are currently looking for others to join our team and help us get the word out about Paparazzi. Your income potential is unlimited because we offer products EVERYONE can afford...

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Paparazzi $5 Jewelry- Snapshot Catalog

style snapshot 30

Add brass accessories to your neutral outfits to give it some awesome flair! Mix a brass bracelet with a pair of brass bangles. Pair big tear drop earrings with a short necklace. Don’t forget to wear your new brass stretchy ring with rhinestones to complete the look.



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